Hotel Services

Any service to your liking. You can pre-order it when booking a room

Parking Service

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the service – it’s pretty quick and easy to get your vehicle into the parking zone. We have a secured perimeter and 24 hours professional guards on site.  

Price: Free

Additional Person in same room

We allow additional persons in the same room and apartments at the cost of 10USD/person. This rate will include breakfast. If the extra person is in a Dormitory, we will charge the dormitory rates.

Price: $10 / Once / Per Adult

Massage by Magic Hands

Magic Hands is a for-profit organisation employing visually challenged individuals as trained masseurs. We partner with magic hand, if you are interested in setting up an appoiment please talk to the reception.

Price: Free

Chauffeured Car

We have a chauffered car available at reasonable rates for your quick commutes within the city. The latest rates are available at the reception. You can schedule your pickups or drop-offs also at the reception.

Price: Free

Packed Lunch

Our restaurant can arrange for a packed lunch in case you are planning to visit the game parks or are planning to travel. The reception will help you with getting this arranged. The charges will depend on your choice of item.s

Price: Free